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The attorneys at O’Donnell Law Offices, Ltd have decades of combined experience in the areas of law in which we practice, including Estate Planning & Administration, Business Representation, Real Estate, Family Law, and Civil Litigation. Our substantive experience is enhanced by the fact that we have practiced in public-sector, corporate, large law firm and small law firm environments. We are proud to provide the utmost in personal and professional legal services to individuals, families
and business enterprises.

 We provide the highest level of service by: 

·    Using a team approach, whereby there are always at least two attorneys responsible for your well-being and available to provide you with advice

·    Returning telephone calls promptly

·    Reporting to you frequently concerning the status of your legal matters

·    Utilizing the form of communication that is most desirable to the particular client, i.e., telephone, facsimile and electronic mail

·    Protecting your privacy

·    Providing cost-effective professional representation

·    Offering customized retainer arrangement

We understand what your privacy means to you and your business. Therefore, we are able to say unequivocally that O’Donnell Law Offices, Ltd acts with all possible discretion, taking steps to keep your matters and relationship with us completely confidential.

Providing cost-effective representation to our clients is of paramount importance to us. We recognize that:

 ·   Litigation is extremely expensive;

·    Litigation always involves surrendering, to a large extent, control of your legal position;

·    Litigation is a very lengthy process; and

·    Even if a favorable judgment can be reached, the collection phase of a lawsuit is another expensive, lengthy process.

We counsel our clients to take measures that preserve their positions in their industries and in every undertaking in order to avoid litigation. This also means that, when a dispute is already imminent or underway, we evaluate the strength of our client’s position, communicate that to our client, and negotiate zealously against our opponent with that in mind.

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